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Welcome to spiritswhisper! This is a community for any and all Tales of Symphonia graphics. And by grahpics, we mean just about everything; icons, layouts, banners, wallpapers...feel free to post any graphics that are Tales of Symphonia related! :) Please just follow the simple rules below.

1. This is a Tales of Symphonia graphics community. So that means no icons that aren't related to Tales of Symphonia should be posted in the community. Links back to personal icon journals or posts ("fake cuts") that include graphics other than Tales of Symphonia icons are perfectly acceptable, as long as the community, journal, or post has some Tales of Symphonia icons in it. Please do not post graphics, or link to posts with graphics, not related to Tales of Symphonia in this community.

2. Respect your fellow graphic designers. That means absolutely no bashing. Feel free to comment on technique, but please do it in the politest way possible.

3. No spamming. Do not post just to pimp out another community you're in. If you want to affiliate with us, email the moderator (Silvie) at ladysilverdragon@hotmail.com. She'll get right to it.

4. If you want to request an icon, feel free to make a post asking for it. But don't expect immediate results; our members actually have lives and they do not revolve around you. If the idea is interesting, they'll get right on it!

Icontest Rules:

1. Use your own icons. For pity's sake, I would think this obvious, but if you didn't make it, you're not allowed to enter it--not even if you give credit to the original creator.

2. Join the community if you want to participate in an icontest. It just makes things a lot easier all around.

3. You may submit up to two entries per contest. No more, though.

4. Don't advertise your icon before the contest, and especially don't ask your friends to vote for your icon. Your icon should be able to do well on its own merit; don't turn this into a popularity contest. Discovery of advertising will result in disqualification.

5. Similarly, don't start a war to get another user disqualified or to discourage people from voting for their icon. That's nasty and we don't like nasty things. Do so, and you'll be banned.

6. Be nice. This includes no harrassing the other members of the community, no griping if you lose, no flaming, no trolling, etc. Common sense stuff, yeah, but it needs to be said.

7. If you use another person's fanart for your icon base, please ask their permission first. Don't just take and assume it's okay, and especially don't claim it as your own. If you're using Japanese art and feel you absolutely must use it, if it's not possible to contact the artist, link back to the website. Failure to credit properly will result in a disqualification and possibly a ban.

8. In general, the icons created for the test may not be up for grabs. Contact the creator of the icon(s) you like and ask permission before using. Thank you.

Types of Icontests:


In this type of icontest, you will edit the image provided for you. A base is also provided, but you’re free to re-crop the image if you’d like. You can pretty much do anything you like here, as long as some part of the base image is in the icon.


In this icontest, both a picture and a lyric will be provided, as well as a yousendit file of the song in question. You can either make an icon with the picture with a different lyric on it, or make an icon with a different picture with the lyric provided. You must use at least four consecutive words from the lyrics of the song. Other then that, you’re free to do what you like.

Songs can and will be in different languages -- translated lyrics will be provided, along with the original ones.


In this icontest, nothing but a “theme” for the contest is provided. Your icon must somehow have something to do with the theme for the icontest. For instance, if the theme were “devotion”, you could make a shipping icon. Other then that, you’re free to do what you’d like. You can put anything you want on it and use whatever picture you like -- as long as it goes along with the theme provided.